This project request form is for healthcare professionals, researchers, and engineers that would like to employ our services or provide an opportunity for aspiring engineers to make a difference in healthcare either by developing technologies or conducting research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What projects have we done in the past?

In the past, Dream Team Engineering has taken on a variety of projects that integrate multiple disciplines of engineering. Our six current project teams are the Model MRI, Surgical, Berlin Heart, DreamTeamU, STEM Special Events, and Research team for which descriptions can be found on our home page. Overall, our projects have utilized skills in 3D printing, programming, Onshape, Arduino, Solidworks, and much more. Dream Team Engineering projects vary in nature by the technical skills that are used, and we are always open to taking on new projects! However, please note that all of our project teams are made up of current students who are still learning and developing their engineering skills.

When do we start our projects?

Dream Team Engineers work year-round and are ready to take on new projects whenever! While there is no set time to begin projects, we may need to wait until the beginning of a semester (Fall/Spring) depending on our current number of available members and their skillset.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The length of our projects will vary depending on complexity, number of volunteers, and volunteer skillset, but most of our projects take around a year and a half to complete. We can talk more about the specifics of your needs regarding the timeline upon completion of the form.

What checks do we have to ensure continuous, smooth progress?

To ensure continuous and smooth progress we hold monthly all captains meetings to let captains describe any technical issues and allow other engineers within our organization to come up with ideas. Project Managers also hold biweekly meetings with captains to go into in depth analysis of the project and its progress. All of this is combined with an organization wide channel to ask technical questions.

How will you communicate with us?

Once you submit the project request form, the President, Vice President, and Project Managers will set up a meeting time to discuss the project and further communication.

What is research at DTE?

The research team conducts research on the usability, scope, and impact of the technologies created by the Dream Team Engineering Project Teams. We focus on understanding current research relevant to these novel technologies as well as on formulating experimental designs to understand their clinical impacts. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of the patient experience at UF Health Shands by demonstrating the efficacy and utility of the DTE Project Teams’ novel technologies within the hospital through our research initiatives.

Where does DTE receive funding from?

Dream Team Engineering receives funding from the University of Florida’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in addition to grants the organization applies to.


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