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Dream Team Software Engineering (DTSE) is DTE’s software and computer science team. This team currently contains six subteams, each with a dedicated captain and 4-9 committed members. DTSE’s goal is to create meaningful applications using a variety of programming languages and full-stack development tools. With a combination of web apps, mobile apps, VR apps, and software-controlled hardware, DTSE is well-positioned to effectively produce innovative technologies for the betterment of the patients and doctors at Shands Hospital, non-profit organizations in the community, and researchers at UF Health. Each of DTSE’s teams specializes in a variety of skills ranging from front-end, back-end, and 3D design, to programming microprocessors and 3D printing builds. With a strong foundation of captains and members, DTSE is a group of dedicated students unified through a passion for computer science and engineering

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Suturing VR

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Diabetes VR

Epic Interface App

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Milk Bank Website

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Light and Sound

Cardiology App

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